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I Am Come Into The Morning

Without you, love,
I would have only known part,
Not all.
I would have missed much,
The quiet woodlands of your being,
The benediction of your calm.
Without your presence
I would have been halved,
An echo.

If you had not come to claim me
I would have been bereft of self,
Without partner,
Without child,
And the sweet song-birds of our lives
Would have been absent, silent.
I would not have known where to shelter
And I would have wept.

But I have been blessed with my inheritance.
I have been chosen your beloved
And you, I chose, as mine.
We are met, mated, one
In the deepest recesses of all wisdom, God.

With you, love,
I am come into the morning.








Copyright © 1994 by D.N. Sutton