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The Romantic Heart
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Great Bird

Let the great bird of love loft in your being.
Let it alight in the unknowing crevices of the spirit
The hidden places you do not sense are there
But fill to bursting when the tide is in.

The legendary bird of love,
So seldom seen, comes unto you
Winging in like a white fall
Out of the dark floods of loneliness
Bursting in on the shackled heart.

Ah, Love
Fling open the warming arms.
Retract the wounding tongues
And in communion
Melt the icicles of doom!

Love, where else the haven but in you?
Where else the eyrie when the winds are wilding,
Where else the tryst
As ancient as the oceans
New as one wave breaking?

This day's tide is yours,
This life now, love imperishable
Thunders on the beach of your own time.

O turn not away the fabled bird of love
Wheeling down the winded reaches of the world
In quest of you,
Swooping in with providential joy
On the fated landmark of your Self.
You, Love, are the stronghold.
The bird is true.
The myth real.
Love is the pulse of life undying.

Immeasurable, impenetrable, impregnable,
Infinite, in God.



Copyright © 1994 by D.N. Sutton