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MarsProbes 2012

Mars, our probes plunging from the wingless earth
Are sailing now with stars and flaming suns
Flinging beyond the orbit of man’s birth
Beyond the arc and fury of man’s guns
Into silent worlds, high white places
Where rain is myth, absent God’s own thunder
Will probes seek prophets, look in their faces
Plumb their realm of agony and wonder?

Mars probes in the skies, alien, alone
Plummeting in peril up the sky lands
Drifting on sun-wind to a dim unknown
Probing savage strangeness in the high-lands…

Now will Mars probes find triumph and delight
Transcending death in deathless cosmic flight?



“Marsmanaut”, the original poem written in 1941 by D.N. Sutton was published 60 years later in 2001.  Read by the poet at the 13th Annual International Mars Society Convention in Dayton, Ohio on August 7th 2010.  With Mars probes today doing the work of Marsmanauts of yesterday, Doris is now presenting the new version of her poem, “MarsProbes 2012”, at the 15th Annual International Mars Society Convention in Pasadena, California, on August 4th 2012. Write to the poet (Doris Sutton), any time:

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Copyright © 2012 by Doris N. Sutton