Psalms For
Life Living
Book and CD

You As You Are

You sing on
Even if the voice is quiet.
If it is within
It is heard.
You are known, sensed,
A small wind
Rippling the larger lake.

You, tiny,
Are immense.
Your breath alters the mist.
The pebble under your foot
Adds to the universe of dust,
Whirling to meet cosmic need.

You, who have come from the Before
Are here in the Now, not by accident.
You, who will leave for the Beyond,
Are on loan to the earth-
Alive, vibrant, needed, wanted,
To lend your beauty,
Give your insight.
Bring your healing...
Open our fisted fingers
Into the strong softnesses of love
Without condemning,
With your own patient being.

You as you are,
Sing on,
Even though the voice is quiet.
God in you,
Blesses all.





Copyright © 1994 by Doris N. Sutton