Death Poems For
The Grieving Heart
Book and CD




Brave Rider

Sing out
O dying heart
To the new unknown-ness.
Throw your life's lariat
And mounting the swift horse of change
Ride beautifully into the beyond!

In earth's energies,
Harnessing for entry
Into the raceways of the Infinite,
Deny terror.
Gladly go, with
Sweet, bruised banners flying,
Saddled in the tender Allness of the Father.

You, O hero-child
Coming at the call,
Let go the shadowed body
Consciousness trailing dreams like smoke
And loosening all reins
Ride out-
Cutting a bright new swath
In the terrain of the eternal.

Sing out
Brave rider
And with God's own breath
Put the lie
To man's small dream of death.








Copyright © 1994 by Doris N. Sutton