Psalms For
Life Living
Book and CD

The Music, I

I am a sounding board.
I hear tidal waves of music
As in some vast cathedral.
I am the organ swelling
In chords of magnitude
I could not conceive myself.
I rise out of body shell
Into winged power.
See sunlight slanting,
Color too vivid for mosaic,
And the stained glass of emotion
Quivering in largest light.

Why am I the vessel of such delight
That I taste fruits blessed and unforbidden,
Experience truth with stunning clarity
As though veils are rent?

Why am I, O Spirit, lifted out of myself,
Enchanted in a way no doing of mine
Can Explain?
I sense the vastness of the cosmos,
Stand at the great door in the wall,
And I hear, see, feel, know your nearness
Thrilled, enthralled
Utterly thine!








Copyright © 1994 by Doris N. Sutton